How to Download Facebook Videos on Smartphones & PC

A lot have been integrated into Facebook most especially the video aspect. It is one of the best platform to share your moments, pictures, and even record videos of yourself or upload funny videos. This has make Facebook more than just a chatting social media platform.

A lot of people must have been wondering how they can easily download Facebook videos on their Smartphones or PC, but don’t know how to do that. This post will show you how you can easily download any Facebook videos to your smartphones and PC in easy steps.

How Can I Download Facebook Videos on my Phone?
I’ll guide you through 2 easy steps below;
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Method 1:
>>Open the video you want to download from your Facebook
>>Copy the link and go to
>>Paste the link inside the field as seen below

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>>You’ll see an option to download … chose and your download will begin.

Method 2:

>>Download Facebook video downloader to your Android device
>>Login to your Facebook account

>>Scroll to any video you’ll like to watch offline, open it and the download option will automatically      pop out.
>>Click on the download button and your download will begin.

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